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Bachelor of Theology (B. Th)

Bachelor of Theology (B. Th)

This a three-year course providing extensive training in both Biblical and practical areas. It will prepare the student for pastoral ministry, evangelism, and missions and lay a firm base for post-graduate study.
Medium of instruction is English.

Requirement for Admission

  • 1. Grade 12 or equivalent is the minimum qualification for admission.
  • 2. Special consideration may be given for missionary candidates with proven ministry experience.

Requirement for Graduation

  • 1. A minimum of 40% marks in all examinations
  • 2. Satisfactory life in all aspects of family, church, and social life with Christian Character based on Biblical morals.
  • 3. Satisfactory performances in Practical Ministry.
  • 4. Exhibition of ability in preparing sermon and delivery skills
  • 5. All students at ECBS are required to engage in weekend ministry approved by the institution.